Spaziergang auf dem Meer und Murphys Phylosophie über Jesus auf dem Meer

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Das Bild von Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky "Walking on water"



Am diesen Freitag habe ich in meinen Weisträumen das kalte dunkelblaue Meer gesehen, in dem ein sehr großer Fisch mit armen Menschen schwamm. Genau am Montag, den 24. September 2018, habe ich mein Buch vom Joseph Murphy erhalten. Immer wieder, wenn ich ein bißchen Zeit für dieses Buch hatte, öffnete ich wahllos ein Stück des großes Buches und immer weider kam dieser Text zu meinen Augen:

"Our disciples are our mental attitudes, moods, and faculties which go with us wherever we go. We must not let Jesus go to sleep in the boot. In order to understand the science of life in the Bible, you must regard - Jesus, the boat, the wind, the waves, and the disciples, as personifications of truths, faculties, moods, and thoughts of mankind. Your Jesus is your awareness of the Divine Power within you, enabling you to achieve, accomplish, and realize your objectives. Your knowledge of the laws of mind and your use of mental and spiritual laws is your savior or solution at all times, everywhere.

You must not permit Jesus to sleep in the boot, which means you must not go blithely along with the winds (opinions of man) and waves (fears, doubts, envy, hatred, etc.) of the race mind. The lake is your mind; when your mind is at peace, God´s wisdom and God´s ideas rise to the surface of your mind. The mind that stays on God feels God´s River of Peace flowing through it and is full of poise, balance, and serenity. The Storm of wind represent the fear, terror, and anguish which seize man at times, causing him to vacillate, hesitate, and tremble with anxiety. He finds himself pulled two ways; his fear holds him back and prevents him from going forward. 


What do you do when fear and limitation seize your mind? Realize that when you are looking at your desire, you see your savior or the solution in your mind. Your savior is always knocking at the door of your mind. Perhaps you are working for the government and you are saying, "Oh, I can´t make any more money; I´ve reached the maximum." You are now seeing the waters of confusion and doubt welling up in you. Don´t become submerged in these watery, negative emotions. Wake up your savior, stir up the gift of God with you.


Do it in this way. Realize first of all that the wish, desire, ideal, plan, or purpose you want to realize is definitely a reality of the mind, though invisible; then realize that by uniting with your desire mentally, you can definitely and positively move over the turbulent, noisy, and foaming waters of fear and hesitancy. Your faith is your feeling and your awareness that your thing that you are praying for is a reality of the mind in the form of an idea or desire. Inasmuch as you thought about it, it is real. Trust the mental picture; it is real. By contemplating its reality you walk over the waters and you quiet the waves of fear. Your fear has abated because you know that when you focus your attention on your ideal, the Creative Power of God flows through that focal point of attention. You are now stilling the waves. You have disciplined your mind. You have reasoned it out and you know that the idea is always real. The thought is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen, for the simple reason that you believe in the possibility of the execution of the idea. 


Keep your eyes on your goal, your objective, knowing in your heart that there is an Almighty Power which supports you in all your ways. It never deserts you or leaves you. The subjective mind responds to your constructive thinking and feeling; thereby sustenance, strength, and power are given you. To look down at the waves of fear, false belief, and error is to sink. Look up and you will go where your vision is. Your ordered mind, your faith, and confidence enable you to walk over all the water of life to green pastures and still waters. You can command the winds and waves, and they will obey."


From "The miracle power of your mind" by Joseph Murphy, "Absent treatment and the healing of insanity", New York, 2016, page 465-466


* Das Bild "Walking on water" gehört dem russischen (armenischen) Maler Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky.