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Adsum (lat. für „hier bin ich“) ist im römischen Ritus bei den Riten der Ordination oder auch bei der Jungfrauenweihe die Antwort auf den namentlichen Aufruf der Kandidaten durch den Bischof vor der versammelten Gemeinde. Aufruf und Antwort, die nach der Eröffnung des Gottesdienstes und noch vor der Weihehandlung stattfinden, erfolgen dabei sinnbildlich vor der ganzen Kirche, die die Kandidaten zur Weihe erwählt.

In der außerordentlichen Form des römischen Ritus, in der die niederen Weihen noch gespendet werden, werden auch zu diesen die Kandidaten namentlich aufgerufen und antworten auf den Ruf mit „Adsum“.

Die Form des Ritus stützt sich auf die Perikope aus dem ersten Buch Samuel (1 Sam 3,4-5 EU), in der Gott den Propheten Samuel beruft und dieser antwortet: „Hier bin ich, denn du hast mich gerufen“.*


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A candle casts light on an open book held by a young woman sitting at a desk. Her eyes are drawn to the side, as if she were distracted from her readind by a curious thought or someone nearby. She is surrounded by several people, many of whom are somewhat translucent and glowing. An Angel bends and whispers, "Adsum, I arrive. I am here. I attend you."


Adsum is a single word that has many, many meanings. First, it affirms your own strength and focus in the present. You can use it as command word whenever you find yourself distracted from what´s at hand. Say, "Adsum, I am here," and feel yourself attend to the situation or person before you. 


This word also declares your arrival at your goals and all your wishes coming true. Say, "Adsum, I arrive," and take a moment to see yourself reaching your goals absolutely. Whenever you get this card, know that you´re on your way to the results you seek with the help of others and the glorious help of Spirit.


This card also reminds you to be assured that, no matter what´s happening in your life, Spirit is always there for you. They reach out to you, sharing their light and power and serving you in every way. From the least to the highest, from Grandma to the Divine, an eternal community attends you. Say, "Adsum,", and take some time to attend them, too. You can act on your promise to God, as Spirit lifts you upon their shoulders. You are present for each other, and together you arrive at your dreams.




This card shows that you may feel you´ve lost sight of your purpose and contact with your friends, Higher Self, and the Spirits who attend you. Maybe you´re too emotional, or stressed, or just busy. Say, "Adsum," and remind yourself that you are here for a reason. It´s time to do the work that helps you arrive at your dreams. No matter why you feel disconnected, this is when you need your life helpers and spirit guides most. They have not deserted you, so don´t desert yourself. Open the door and renew your commitment. Meet them in your life and your meditations. When you do, you´ll find the help, love, and joy that attend you right now. During this phase, it´s important to take some action toward your purpose each day. Even little steps will take you to your destination.


Akashic Force


Close your eyes and sense all your spirit guides gathering. Take a deep breath and feel the words Adsum, I arrive inside you. The Divine stands next to you as you arrive at your highest dream. See it now.


From "The Akashic Tarot Guidebook" by Sharon Anne Klingler, Sandra Anne Taylor, Hay House, 2017, Page 102-104